“I've been using the Cannessiac Treatment since January 2017, I was told I have stage 4 lung cancer, and was only given till June or July if nothing stopped it. My oncologist started me on Opdivo, an immunotherapy in mid-March. My recent PET scan showed a reduction in the cancer, and decreased metabolic activity. So we're thinking the Opdivo and Cannessiac is working!

I was on vacation for a week and didn't have the cannessiac tea with me - my arm began to ache. When I got home and started it again, my arm does not ache. It is still nerve damaged, like novocaine wearing off, but doesn't hurt me.

Thank you, I hope my little testimony will be a help to someone - I think Cannessiac is a godsend for my mind and body's systems, promoting my well being. ”


“I had surgery to remove a cancerous rectal tumor that was discovered the year before, and was growing at an alarming rate. I was advised to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. I did for four months but I felt so sick all the time that I couldn't bear to continue. I felt my best course of action was to follow an organic diet and investigate alternative treatments. I stumbled upon CBD International and your rectal suppository treatments more specifically Cannessiac I ordered and began to take it.

I had a colonoscopy in the late fall, and there was no cancer. I continue to have an examination every year and there is no cancer at all. I don't know if the suppository treatment you recommended is a miracle or what, but it seemed to have done the trick for me. I continue to take the maintenance dose and it gives me incredible piece of mind that I am purging my body of the toxins that may lead to more cancer. Thank you for providing this product. I sincerely feel that I owe my life to it.”

Mary T

“I am writing because I believe your treatment protocol is the best on the market today. I have stage 2 bladder cancer, level three asbeatosis and kidney stones. I've had 173 stones since 1938! I've been through so many conventional treatments including chemo and radiation as well as the E.C.S.L. laser. Back in 2014 thee doctors said I would last maybe 4-5 more years. Your product has proven different. I am cancer free according to my last P.E.T. scan. And want to stay that way!”

Dave Morris

“I had stage 4B inoperable uterine cancer with a tumor of 15 cm, I took Graviola 1 bottle and immediately started on high dose essiac tea, the doctors at Dana Farber could not give me 6 months, I began radiation within a month of diagnosis, after 3 weeks of radiation my tumor had shrunk to to 5 cm. I was scheduled for surgery' so 4 months of essiac, a lot of prayer, guided imagery, I had extensivesurgery. My primary surgeon told me after a week. that my pathology was totally negative,,,no evidence of any malignancy. only attenauted cells or basically dead tisssue. It has been over 5 years since my diagnosis and I have been cancer free.”

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

“One of my friends was diagnosed with Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) in 2003. She was sick with infections and fevers almost all of the time. She also developed anemia (her red blood cells were very low). Upon her practitioner's recommendation she began to take Cannessiac treatments along with chemotherapy.

After four months on the Cannessiac treatments, to our surprise her body seemed to have rid itself of leukemia cells. The hematologist found her completely normal when he did the bone marrow aspiration. We went to a pathologist as well to confirm the diagnosis, and he agreed that the cancer was gone.”

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